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Naked Conversations

in Rambling

I love it when the Universe lets me know I am in the right place. You know, those little (and sometimes VERY big) things that people call coincedences. I try these days to pay attention…

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Select a Candidate

in Creative Blog

Select a Candidate >> My Sister’n’Law sent this out… My top score was for… well of course the MOST liberal candidate out there: Dennis Kucinich – though I don’t think there is any real way…

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How NOT to win business

in JJ Markets

I use Green Mountain Energy. I do this because I have children and I would like for them to have a planet to live on when I am gone. Well, let me rephrase, I don’t…

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Act! Charge Forward

in Creative Blog

Act!Charge Forward.When we combine action with unwavering faith, the Power of Grace will meet our needs. I don’t know who wrote it – but its one of the things I read everyday.

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