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Can there be more black than sin?

in Emerging Technology

Grabbed this off the Houstonist today… thought, "WOW! That’s pretty dang cool!" Just another tall tell sign of how geeky I really am… That’s Like…Seriously Dark, Man…By Alexandra Wax in Science A Rice scientist has…

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in Emerging Technology

MamaConnie’s Blog >> This grand-lady is on FIRE! A really fun example of social media being a global conversation where everyone is connected and everyone gets to get in… Global Neighbourhoods Every Dot Connects (Connection…

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International Trucking

in Design I Love

I love this logo. Did they change it recently… why haven’t I noticed before? I can’t even tell you when I first noticed it – I just know it was recently… and then I saw…

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Operation Mom

in Web/Tech

Social Media, Houston, Mom… its so me! Saw this article at the Houstonist last night >> OpMom Web 2.0 Launch Party at Benjy’s My excerpt’s: you are probably aware that Houston has recently been a…

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How NOT to win business

in JJ Markets

I use Green Mountain Energy. I do this because I have children and I would like for them to have a planet to live on when I am gone. Well, let me rephrase, I don’t…

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