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7 steps to create your first SoulCollag e® Card

Just Dive In! Your First SoulCollage ® Card in 7 Easy Steps

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SoulCollage ® is a unique blend of expressive art and the magic of collage. Created by Seena Frost, each card in a SoulCollage ® deck represents and honors one of the many aspects of our unique life: the distinct facets of who you are, a person, place or pet that influences you, a chakra companion that energizes you, along with ancient archetypal powers that guide you.

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Dark Chocolate Pie Recipe from JJ Creates

Dark Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe

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Rumor has it that this is the pie that won my stepmother over and convinced her marrying my dad would be a pretty good idea… 35+ years later, it seems to have worked its charm. I’ve adapted the recipe over time to something that can be created even on a weekday after a full day of working outside the home.

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