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Dark Chocolate Pie Recipe from JJ Creates

Dark Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe

in JJ Cooks, Recipes

Rumor has it that this is the pie that won my stepmother over and convinced her marrying my dad would be a pretty good idea… 35+ years later, it seems to have worked its charm. I’ve adapted the recipe over time to something that can be created even on a weekday after a full day of working outside the home.

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Get Your Recipe found on Google

in Emerging Technology, Recipes, Web/Tech If you have recipe content on your site, you can get started now by marking up your recipes with microdata, RDFa, or the hRecipe microformat. To learn more, read our documentation on how to…

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Recipe: Baked Brie with Fig Preserves

in Recipes

This is one the easiest, yummiest, prettiest appetizers I know… and when the cheesy goodness starts oozing out for your guest to gobble up… they will crown you a cooking goddess. Just grin and accept…

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