February 2013

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Ran across this while studying body mechanics for massage therapists...

Thai Massage (also referred to as Thai Yoga or Lazy Man's Yoga) is a very spiritually oriented modality and has been in practice for more...

Recipe: Peachy Pick Me Up Smoothie Summary: Green Tea, Ginger, Peach Smoothie for when you need a little zing of energy Ingredients 1 cups frozen or fresh peaches ½...

... When Health is absent... Wisdom cannot reveal itself, Art cannot become manifest, Strength cannot be exerted, Wealth is useless and Reason is powerless... ~ Heraphiles, 300 BC    ...

Recipe: Cinnamon Pear Smoothie Summary: A yummy way to start the morning Ingredients 1 ripe or frozen banana, broken into several pieces 1 medium ripe pear cut...