15 Ways to Stay Creative – Infographic

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15 Ways to Stay Creative – Infographic

Found this super fun graphic out on the interwebs today – couldn’t help but share.
I think “covid-brain” is finally getting to me… I’m feeling distracted, indecisive, scattered and a bit blue. Plus the weather here today is dreary and gray… not helping. Staying Safe at Home and the ever present, nagging little fear in the back of my brain is really starting to wear.
I’ve made a list and I think I am going to jump in the shower – do some singing and then sit and stare at the wall while daydreaming. 🤣
What are some of the ways you are nurturing your creativity these days? If you’re feeling stuck and need more than a cute infographic to get your creativity flowing… I am still offering Hearthmagic: Rekindle Your Creative Fire for free while we continue to social distance, check it out ►

15 Ways to Stay Creative

  1. Daydream
  2. Do something different
  3. Stare blankly at the wall
  4. Make a list
  5. Brainstorm with others
  6. Read a magazine or book
  7. Look at art
  8. Sit and watch others
  9. Trust in your abilities
  10. Be weird
  11. Go somewhere new
  12. Break the rules
  13. Laugh at yourself
  14. Say yes more often
  15. Sing in the shower

“Creativity is like underwear – sometimes a change will do you good”