How NOT to win business – Part Deux

How NOT to win business – Part Deux

Sunday! Really on a Sunday!!!

On a Sunday Afternoon while my boys were napping! And yes the barking dogs mentioned in my first rant about Reliant Energy… still live here… and yes, they still bark like the hounds of hell when a stranger comes to the door.

So, now I have to edit the list presented in "How NOT to win business" – with:

1.a. DON’T come by my house and try to sell me something on Sunday. I mean – WOW! I can’t believe I actually have to spell that out.

Lucky for me (or them, not sure) my Fab! Hubby was here and opened the door, saw who it was, and slammed it right back shut! HA! I can be pretty vicious here in the blogosphere – but I don’t think I have that kind of… well… balls, to be frank.

Happy Monday All! Here’s to GREAT weeks for us all!!!

~ JJ

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