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Naked Conversations

114qzjavvjl__sl110_I love it when the Universe lets me know I am in the right place. You know, those little (and sometimes VERY big) things that people call coincedences. I try these days to pay attention to these things… and here is a really great example from today…

I have been hearing about Naked Conversations for quite a while now, keep putting it on the "oh man I gotta read that book" list.

I have a client involved in a bit of PR Sh*t Storm, to put it lightly, today… and was doing a little research on "talking points" and came across Global Neighbourhoods:

All right already! I’ll go get the dang book…

And this entry, Bulldog PR University Talking Points, is an awesome! All about the change in media and how important social media is… but more on that later.