International Trucking

International Trucking

Logo1501interntruck_2I love this logo.

Did they change it recently… why haven’t I noticed before?

I can’t even tell you when I first noticed it – I just know it was recently… and then I saw it again on the company sign-age on a recent trip around the 610 loop. It actually is the design element that FINALLY got me around to blogging about design I like.

Sooo, I like it.

I love the silver and the lighting effect. I, of course, like the obvious salute to the long open road. I mean this is a pretty dang slick logo for a company that sells big rigs… some of their audience is the same audience for the Buckie’s ooohhh so subtle Beaver (but, that’s another post all together!)

I would imagine in looks great in black & white.

I have to admit that when I see it in traffic it stands out – I go, "oh, there’s that new great logo." It may have something to do with the fact its a new logo and is therefore on new shiny trucks.

I do realize that makes me just a little different than most folks. I most times can’t tell you the name of a company – but I can describe the logo to you… and in the vast sea of logos… this one has done its job and is stuck in my brain. I imagine that a trucking company with a nice, clean, elegant logo – is just a cut above the others… see, the brainwashing is working! Kuddos to the design company that came up with this one.

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