OpenSocial – a bit more clarity

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OpenSocial – a bit more clarity

ok… so, left the post this morning still a bit confused about how OpenSocial Functioned… especially after seeing the Ask a Ninja screenshots. So, when I check my Bloglines just now – saw a post by HappieKatie:

So say you have a really awesome online tool/site that helped your community keep track of their favorite Japanese cartoons, you could create a widget for MySpace that users could add to their profile page using data collected by MySpace and your cartoon site.

All their info would be integrated and updated seamlessly within MySpace.  Other MySpace users can interact with it.  Other users can see how cool it is and start using your widget and loving your manga community.  The best part of it all is that there’s no new programming languages to learn – HTML, Java — but nothing network specific.

Ok, so now it makes a bit more sense… its not your whole profile – its that bit of info relevant to a particular site that you can move to another site… I think I am starting to wrap my brain around it.

And… so for kicks on a Friday Afternoon – a neat example of Universal Connectedness:

  1. HappyKatie was one of the organizing members of The Tendenci User’s Conference, who…
  2. Invited Tracey and I to share about our success with the Save The Center Campaign, for which…
  3. I got a very nice bottle of Merlot and gift certificate to Borders (cause those Schipulites are complete out-of-the-closet book-aholics) which I used to…
  4. Buy Naked Converstations, which came in the mail and I started to read yesterday, whose author is writing another book about just the things…

So what can I add?  Perhaps, only a whiny little ego stroke. Fifteen months ago, I announced I was writing a book called, Global Neighbourhoods and renamed this site. My ‘Big Idea’ was that sites themselves would become unimportant as the power moved to small groups of users. The same people would find the same friends and share videos and photos and information and endorsements as thy bopped about from one site to another.  The size of a site would no longer matter.  Instead the small  circle of friends forming around a topic, would become the focal point and these friends would influence each other far more than any marketing campaign or ad network could. read more>>>

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