OpenSocial – What the Heck is it???

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OpenSocial – What the Heck is it???

and why should you care…

  1. OpenSocial is from Google – so right away, its Google for heaven sake and anyone that has anything to do with the internet should perk up their ears a little bit.
  2. A brief delve into the techie stuff (very brief and very lite)… developer (people who type up the code for all that cool stuff like Flickr, linkedin, Tendenci, etc.) can now create a cool social application (anything that you set up a profile for) and have that application work across all the social networks that are using OpenSocial.
  3. What does that mean for you and me??? Well, I can set up my profile in a Tendenci site… with all my info, pictures, contacts/connections with other folks… then my profile can be used in whole bunch of other site… I don’t have to start over each time.
    1. What does OpenSocial mean for the end users?

      Most importantly, OpenSocial will benefit end users because –

      – It will allow end users to use the same applications across social networks.
      – Over time, it will allow end users to share and synchronize profile, friend and activity data across social networks.
      – Over time, by allowing more niche social networks to evolve, it will increase the social networking options available to end users.