JJ Creates Creative Category


Here is a really interesting example of how powerful blogs can be in Search Engines.

Strumpette blogged yesterday (yes, yesterday!) about PRSA honoring the site $#!T4less.com. In the typical Strumpette in-your-face fashion, they highlight the honoring of Shit For Less…


Here is the thing that I take away… when I Googled (waiting for that word to make it into the Webster’s) $#!T4less the Strumpette post comes up second in the list. Wow! Who wouldn’t want that kind of responsiveness in Search Engines!

So, here is a very little Search Engine Lesson… Search Engines work off of algorithms, very complicated and EVER changing mathematical equations based on a point system. Your site earns points for a number of things, content being one of, if not the, most important thing on your site. How often the content changes is one of the variables. Blogs, where the content changes sometimes daily, are doing very well in Search Engines, better than standard sites actually.

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