Social Media Done Right…

Social Media Done Right…

… or at least very, very well.

I got my weekly e-Newsletter from Lion Brand Yarn this morning (Social Media use #1.) I have NO idea when and how I got the list… I am sure I signed up for it somewhere way back – oh, I remember… I was hunting up Oraganic Cotton Yarn for my Fab! Hubby… anyway, I am on the list. I get the emails, there only slightly annoying – but this is mostly due to the fact that I always get sucked in to seeing what’s new and cool and then reemerge 30 mintues later wondering how it happens everytime.

I got the email this morning and was skimming through it and started to chuckle. How many ways are you using Social Media… let me count the ways. And then I thought – this is a really good example, aaaannnddd… I think I will use Social Media to shine the spotlight on this use of Social Media… tehe… love that!

Here’s the email, uses of Social Media are numbered… I am considering Social Media to be types of conversations. So, I have counted the people they have connected with, the people who will be contributing to the conversation, as a use of Social Media.

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