Tagging my day: Inspired!

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Tagging my day: Inspired!

When we moved into our house, True Light Resources was in full swing and Fab!Hubby and I dedicated one of the rooms in the house to be the office, my office and on most days it was The True Light Resources office. There, in that little space, Tracey and I were awash in a swirl of creativity. We were creating a business, we were creating for our clients and we were creating a way of life we had been searching for. In those first few months there were quite a few spiders that would visit me in the office. The house has been empty for over a year – so I just chalked it up them moving in when no one was there to direct them otherwise. One night I was at girlfriend’s house talking about the growing business and a little jumping spider was on the wall behind me… and that really popped for me. I decided there was something to this spider thing. Many cultures in the world, past and present, believe animals hold a specific energy and can be like little sign posts on the journey of our life. I know when I spy a hawk in the sky – there is something I am supposed to being seeing in a new way in my life. I know when a frog crosses my path – something in my life will transition. So, I looked up the spider.

*Spider is the female energy of the creative force that weaves the beautiful design of life. The spider may be telling you to create, create, create!

Anyone who knows me – knows how well that fits me. My boys now say when they see a spider, “Look its Mommy’s friend here to help her out!”
I see Social Media like a beautiful, intricate spider web, fresh in the morning, covered in dew, sparkling in the sun of the a new day. Each connection takes us to the next connection. Serendipity flows along those threads. Through BlogDiva (@blogdiva) I got connected to DigitalSista (@digitalsista) on Twitter. A few days ago, DigitalSista posted the tags for her day and I was instantly inspired. Last night I was browsing through Imelda’s (@imelda & Imelda:Flickr) Flickr Stream and saw the pics above of the kiddos  crawling on the Spider Statue and knew, “That’s it – I gotta blog about it!”
I try every morning to visualize my day, see it in my minds eye. What do I need to accomplish, what parts will be fun, who do I want to send Love and Light to, etc. I love the idea of using Web 2.0 to broadcast in a more tangible way what things I would like to invite into my day.

So my tags for today are: creation, hope, passion, connection, coffee, faith

(*Thanx to Jamie Sams & David Carson, Authors of Medicine Cards &
Thanx to Imelda for the pic: http://flickr.com/photos/imelda/2698303202/)