My Favorite Thing About Houston Today

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My Favorite Thing About Houston Today

Really – its just my favorite thing today, period…

… and My Favorite thing today is this man…


Fab!Hubby aka @lassberg aka Uncle Kranky

The love of my life, Karl.

We have spent the last 9 years building a life and a family together… and every step of the way, forward, backwards, rocky, or effortless has been amazing.

I am blessed to have him as a partner, a best friend, a soul-mate.

He is one of the best father's I know and he is truly the Greatest Daddy-Man! (just ask Z-Man)

His determination and focus on the Gold in life is inspiring.

He challenges me, empowers me, adores me, helps me to soar as a woman, a spouse, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a business owner… in all the things I do. To quote Judith Duerk

"…as if the expression of those deep feeling values from the feminine took place on a platform carefully prepared by the supportive masculine…"

I love him and I absolutely refuse to imagine life without him.

So, here's to 9 years and a 100 more!

I love you, Sweetie!

(Thanx Ed for the pic!)