Thank You for 3+ Years of Pure Awesomeness!

Thank You for 3+ Years of Pure Awesomeness!

The past 3+ years of my life have been filled with an extraordinary adventure called True Light Resources. Helping to create something from nothing and then have that thing become a shining success is truly life changing. A huge part of the awesomeness is due to this woman:

True Light Tracey aka Tracey Lee Wallace aka Auntie Tracey

We started True Light as two self proclaimed sisters with just pure gumption and passion… and we never looked back. I learned A LOT. I grew and evolved, had a few harrowing moments and a whole lot of fun.
I learned that starting a company is not for the weak of heart. It takes courage, perseverance, faith, and grounded-ness. I learned that all of these are easier to do if you are lucky enough to have a really great partner. Tracey and I were blessed that we were never in the “the sky is following” kind of mood at the same time. She was always there to talk me down form the ledge, remind me we were surely going to soar and when all else failed – bring me chocolate.
She picked up my kiddos when Fab!Hubby was out of town and I was sick. She gathered everyone up and made dinner for 2 families on the nights when I was nose to the grind-stone, finishing up projects with tight deadlines. She called from the freeway when she saw one of the billboards we had designed. She brought me chewy cinnamon hearts… that’s real love.
The day we landed our biggest client at the time, her boys and mine were out of school. Tracey’s boys were entertaining mine while we worked side by side in my home office. She made an assembly line of PB & J’s – 6 in all, 4 for the boys all lined up on the couch, 2 for the mommies who loved them endlessly… We vowed, as we ate homemade sandwiches, we would never forget the moment. I know I certainly never will.
Tracey is my best friend, my sister. She is Auntie Tracey to AK and The Z-Man. She is funny, loving, grounded, honest, passionate, and magical.
She shines.
And she encourages, inspires and allows other to shine because of it.
So, the time has come for me to move onto my next adventure and I am filled with gratitude.  I feel blessed to have shared this journey and I look forward to seeing Tracey and True Light Resources continue to shine and soar. As I transition out of True Light in pursuit of other passions, I know one thing for certain…
Lucy and Ethel ain’t got nothin’ on us.
(Love ya babe! and Thanx! more than a million…)
  • TrueLightTracey
    Posted at 20:02h, 20 November

    Dear Ethel,
    To my beloved sister, best-friend, Auntie to my boys, shoulder, sounding board, and now former business partner

  • Brent Ozar
    Posted at 14:53h, 31 December

    Congratulations! You rock, and I can’t wait to see what life brings for ya!