Kittens, Kittens, And… You Guessed it… Kittens

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Kittens, Kittens, And… You Guessed it… Kittens

Right around Christmas time we had a stray cat adopt us… which worked out well seeing that I had a owning a cat on 2 visions boards and had asked AK & The ZMan for a cat for Christmas. Awesome – now we had one that The Universe had delivered to for free and she was able to hold her own with 2 boys and 2 dogs… not sure which one is worse.
Shortly after that I realized that is was not our charming personality that had won her over – no it was the warmth and dry-ness of our home and the ready supply of cat food… things that were very important to this… you guessed it… soon to be MamaCat. And thus began our Adventure of MamaCat & her 5Kittens.
8 weeks later, this particular piece of our Kitten Adventure is coming to end in a beautiful crescendo of kitten-ness:

  1. Kitten distribution will officially begin this weekend
  2. Schipul (the company I work for) and The Houston Human Society ( now officially a client, whoot!)  are partnering up
  3. The Schipul Blog post for Trend Tuesday was written by Caitlin Kaluza (soon to be Ruby’s new mom) all about twitter trends and squeezing as much as you can into your tweets. Trust me, click the link – it’s relevant.

img_8755This week seems a spinning mosaic of animal adoptions, humane treatment of animals, spay and neutering, twitter, blogs, and Schipulites with the mortor being — kittens.
So, I am taking this opportunity to give a shout out to the Houston Human Society and advocate for Spay or Neutering your pets.
The Human Society not only offers adoptions – they offer limited vetinary services for your pets. Its a great way to love your pet and fund the Human Society’s efforts:
For those who will participating in Kitten Distribution:

(Office visit  $10)  Saturdays and Sundays: $20 office visit  $30 doctor exams
Kitten- 101
BEGINNERS (8-12 wks. of age)
Spay/Neuter Surgery (plus $10 office visit) – $30
Post Operative Pain Medication – $8

Our kitten family will be expanding this weekend… not to worry, from Facebook Fan Pages to reunions – we have all kinds of kitten fun cooking up to make sure you get your fix.
And remember… it takes a villiage to raise a kitten!
(or something like that)
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