A Once in a Blue Moon, Blue Moon – Best of 2009

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A Once in a Blue Moon, Blue Moon – Best of 2009

Final Best of 2009 post. I am not sticking to the actual topic… instead writing a how to for the new year… December 31 Resolution you wish you’d stuck with. (You know, there’s always next year…)
A truly amazing, magical, wonderful, scientific phenomenon is happening today… and it won’t happen again until 2028!

Today, on the last day of the year 2009…
we will get to experience a Blue Moon.

Well that’s great you say… but what the heck is it and what do I do about it???

A blue moon is generally considered the second full moon in a month. It has historically been simply the 13th full moon in a year (there are usually only 12, but every 2 years or so, another gets to sneak in there.) It can also just be any moon that rises at a certain place and time on the planet where it has a blue hue. The second full moon in a month is also referred to the as The Goal Moon – and on this day, when A LOT of people are of putting pencil to paper with New Year’s resolutions a plenty… I am lost for how to explain how cool I think that is.

So that’s what it is… now here’s what you can do with it.

When the moon is waxing (growing bigger) it is the time to focus on calling new things into your life… and when the moon is full – it is the best time to draw, claim, manifest, call it what you will. For those new to the idea of using the cycles of the moon in some way in your life… the least woo-w00 way I can think to explain this is… the moon is a large body that has a considerable gravitation pull associated with it. When it is full, the moon pulls everything closest to it – closer still. Considering the moon’s powerful influence on the ocean and the fact that our bodies are, on average, 80% water or more – you can sure bet the moon has a powerful influence on you as well. So, the full moon has a gravitational, pulling, energy to it – and you can use this energy to pull things into your life.

OK, that’s wonderful you say… I am on board, now give me the logistics.

Here is the most simple, straight forward way to use this event I can think of…

  1. Write down your “New Year’s Resolutions” – or goals – or what you want to manifest in the new year
  2. Step outside and connect with the Moon.
    1. What’s connect??? Stand, sit, dance, pray, gaze a the Moon, what ever gets you to an open hearted/minded place.
  3. Find a way that works for you to mark the beginning of  this event. Sit comfortably and take a deep breath –  or say a pray – or throw confetti – or make a toast to the new year… you would be surprised how well just lighting one simple candle will work.
  4. Read each resolution one at a time, out loud will give it more energy, in your head is just fine too.
  5. Pause and close your eyes and paint of picture in your mind of what this resolution will look like in your life when it comes true… try to feel what it will feel like to have this, be this, know this.
  6. Continue down your list.
  7. Call on the pulling energy of the moon to help you this year.
    1. Many Native Americans refer to the moon as Grandmother Moon. My grandmother was loving, fun, funny, and generous. Her house was always safe and she made me sticky honey bread. I know that if there were anything in the whole wide world I wanted and asked for her help… she would help me anyway she could. So, asking for Grandmother Moon to help me – works for me – and I offer up the same to you.
  8. Say Thank You. Say it like it is already true. You asked for a raise… say thank you like you have the check in your hand.
  9. Find an ending that works for you. Blow out the candle, or laugh, or eat chocolate, or clap, or… something big or small that marks an end.
  10. Go about your life as if everything you claimed is already true

… and so it is.
Bright Blessings tonight and in The New Year.
May we all have Light, Love, Laughter, Peace, Joy and Beauty.
So Mote It Be.
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Thanx for the pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/grafik_mekanik/2920488586/sizes/s/

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