Mom, can you teach me how to make breakfast in bed ~ A Motherhood Moment

Mom, can you teach me how to make breakfast in bed ~ A Motherhood Moment

That’s what the neon red numbers glowed on the other side of the bed as the door slammed open. In pour the kid, the dog, the cat… the whiney voice in my head reminds me my alarm does not go off for another 28 minutes. I am surprised I can do such complex math this close to waking.
Z-Man’s little face appears a mere 6 inches from mine. Nose to nose, his face a little bleary because my eyes have not adjusted to being open, I see he has combed his hair “neat” for school.

“Can you teach me to make breakfast, so I can make you breakfast in bed?”

My heart melts… queue the sitcom canned audience “ahhhhhh”
Mother’s Day is Sunday, I imagine they have been talking about it in school. I think I will send Z-Man’s Kindergarten teacher a Thank You note for the AMAZING job she is doing… and maybe a box of chocolates… and a Starbucks gift card.
With one eye open and one eyed squinty… I reach up and touch his adorable little face,

“Yes love, I will teach you to make breakfast… but not right now.”

I guess if I gotta wake up 28 minutes early… that’s not a bad way to do it.
Hope everyone out there has a wonderful Mother’s Day… and nudge, nudge, nudge… here is your reminder to drop your mom a card in the mail. (Don’t worry, I haven’t mailed mine yet either.)
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