My Favorite Thing About Houston Today: The James Turrell Skyspace

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My Favorite Thing About Houston Today: The James Turrell Skyspace

As a member of the Live Oak Friends Meeting in Houston, TX I was reminded a few Sunday’s ago during Meeting for Worship just how much I missed the James Turrell Skyspace. Walking into the Meeting House I could see the sun glowing inside – illuminating the room and the people. Feeling The Light Within was not hard to do that morning.
For more on the re-opening Douglas Britt has a great article over at the Houston Chronicle…

Illuminating the spirit in Quaker meeting space
By DOUGLAS BRITT Copyright 2010 Houston Chronicle
July 29, 2010, 5:50PM

On a recent Sunday morning, members of the Live Oak Friends Meeting, a community of Quakers based in the Heights, saw something they hadn’t seen in more than two years: the sky as viewed through a 12-foot square window in the roof of their unassuming meeting house on West 26th…

Visiting the Skyspace shortly after it opened in 2001, former Houston Chronicle art critic Patricia C. Johnson described “a glorious interior space that makes manifest the Quaker principles of simplicity, silence and the ‘light within.’ ”

“The eyes cling to this skyward window, to the clouds and occasional bird in flight that pass across it, but especially to the light,” she wrote. “At sundown, light shifts softly from porcelain transparency to silken cobalt blue and velvet black. Eyes turn inward, and a hush descends. The Skyspace transforms the spare, white meeting room into a luminous chamber, a metaphor for the body and soul.”

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