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Crochet Baby Girl Blanket & More – Project Progress

Actually didn’t get a whole heck of lot accomplished this last week… one boy and the Daddy-Man were away at a cub scout camp out and I could have taken the weekend to work on projects. Instead, I chose to spend some quality time with the other boy.

Weekly Project Progress Report:

  • Decided to quilt the Transformer quilt myself… ordered a walking foot to experiment with straight line quilting.
  • Got all but the border done on Baby Girl Crochet blanket… hoping to have the border done and blanket finished this evening
  • almost finished the top of the Pretty in Tweet quilt… have enough left over material to make a 2nd quilt (I think)
  • Did some very interesting research on solid colored layer cakes… approximately $30 dollars +shipping & no time involved vs. $7.99 a yard, no shipping & about 30 minutes to cut the 10X10 squares… thinking cutting them myself is a better way to go.