Light Cookbook Review for Mouth Watering Monday

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Light Cookbook Review for Mouth Watering Monday

I know, I know… Mouth Watering Mondays are generally recipes but after a passionate and inspiring convo this weekend with some really good friends about changing food and exercise habits not for the short term but for a lifetime (and maybe the next generation as well) I figured I would a post a collection of recipes… a cookbook that has really helped me to make a change in my kitchen.
Light Healthy Recipe Cookbook

Everyday Food: Light: The Quickest and Easiest Recipes, All Under 500 Calories

Things I like about this cookbook:

  1. All the recipes are quick, easy and only require a few ingredients (bonus: I can make a LOT of them with what I have already)
  2. All the recipes are less than 500 calories – but not like 499 less – some of them come in the 250 range
  3. So far – the ones I have made (cooked every meal from it last week) the kiddos have liked
  4. I like this about all the Everyday Food books – every recipe has a picture. I figured out about myself long ago… if it doesn’t have a picture I just won’t cook it – crazy I know, but totally true.
  5. The recipes are organized by season – so I can cook more closely to the planet.

If your New Year’s resolutions include healthier eating (or you’ve just decided its time no matter what time of year it is) I totally recommend this book as a tool to help you along your path.