Project Progress Report: Tansformer Quilt Sandwich

Project Progress Report: Tansformer Quilt Sandwich

Quick report on where I am on current projects… going to shoot to update on projects weekly as a way of keeping myself and the projects moving along.
transformer quilt sandwichMy enthusiasm for the Transformer quilt has waned and I am considering passing it along to be long-arm quilted… this has also led to me breaking the one project at a time rule. In that direction I have cut pieces for several quilts this week – am thinking (hoping, crossing-fingers) that blogging a weekly progress report will help me finish projects I start rather than always leaping from half complete things on to the next more exciting idea.
So, without further ado… here is the Project Report:

  1. The Transformer quilt is ready to be sandwiched
  2. The Pretty in Tweet (that’s what I am calling for now) flannel quilt is cut and laid out in the quilt plan for piecing
  3. The Tuesday Morning Gypsy quilt is a pile of fabric stips
  4. The Craftsy Block of the Month Fabric is ready to go… actually need to purchase a 12.5 inch square for this one to move along
  5. 1/3 the way through the baby girl crochet baby blanket… actually need to focus up and finish this one SOON!

… and the gallery:

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