Five Element Chart

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Five Element Chart

Studying Theory of Chinese Medicine for massage school can be a bit overwhelming… lots of totally new to me info (ANCIENT to some folks.)
I found this good recap of the Five Element Chart:

5 Element Chart - Theory of Chinese Medicine

5 Element Chart – Theory of Chinese Medicine

Memory trick:

  1. The Fire makes the Ash (Earth)
  2. The Earth makes the Metal
  3. The Metal melts to make the Liquid (Water)
  4. The Water rains to make the Trees (Wood)
  5. The Wood burns for the Fire

Generating Cycle: The Parent Makes the Child – Move one to the next clock-wise.
Controlling Cycle: The Grandparent Controls the Child – move clock-wise, skipping one element
Counter-Controlling: The Child Controls the Grandparent – move counter clock-wise, skipping one element
Original is here: