5 Tips for a Stress Free Back to School

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5 Tips for a Stress Free Back to School

It’s that time of year. My tired toes and debit card can attest to the fact – back to school is hectic. Here are a few tried and true tips to help the school year launch more smoothly:

1. Set Your Alarm Early – Early.

21-06-10 Cause I'd Rather Pretend I'll Still Be There At The End ~ Explored #1

Wake the kids up a little bit earlier each day the week before… hit the regular wake up time a few days before school starts and continue on through to start day.

2. Pencil in the Calendar for the Whole Year Now

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Look up that school calendar before school even kicks off and add all the off days, early releases and holidays now. Add reminders for a week before so nothing sneaks up on you. Send event reminders to your parenting partner if you have one and older kids with digital calendars  – that way everyone is on the same page.

3. Make “Make Ahead” Breakfast


A good warm breakfast is a good way to start the day… but our mornings are pretty hectic as it is and I’m not really the pre-coffee pre-shower gourmet breakfast kind of mom. Whether you want eggs, oatmeal or french toast there are LOTS of make-ahead breakfast casserole and overnight crock-pot recipes out there.

 4. Use Lavender Essential Oil

Grab your coat luv, you've pulled

The scent has a calming effect which can aid in relaxation and the reduction of anxiety and stress. Place a drop of lavender essential oil behind your ears and breath deep – envision a perfect first day… and off we go!

5. Get a Massage

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Well, it is a massage blog – so of course one of the tips is get a massage. But on a serious note – massage can have an incredible impact of your stress level and I suggest a once month massage for everyone all year long.

Here’s to a great school year everyone!

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