Why Hot Stone Massage?

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Why Hot Stone Massage?

It’s all the rage these days… but you may be wondering, “What’s the big deal anyway?” As gimmicky as it may sound – gettin’ rubbed down with some heated rocks actually does have some pretty awesome effects.

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Just like it sounds – hot stone massage is massage using heated Basalt stones. Smooth stones are placed in a hot water bath and heated prior to your massage appointment. These stones are then strategically placed on the body during the massage, the stones are also used by the massage therapist to massage muscles. I use hot stones in conjunction with typical Swedish Massage.

So, Why Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone Massage in Houston, TXMy massage practice is focused on balancing all aspects of being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual… so, let’s break it down:
Physical: Heat is a vasodilator – that means it opens up the blood vessels in your body. This results in increased blood flow… that’s more blood, oxygen and nutrients to your body… that means your muscle feel better and you get what we all want more of in life – relaxation!
Emotional: The heat and pressure from the stones resting on the body has a very nurturing effect. Like all massage it can induce positive emotions and influence stress responses.
Mental: Hot stone massage is an incredibly unique experience – there is nothing else like it in your usual day. This rare event can create space for mental rejuvenation. You may find answers you were seeking, release stress you were carrying and possibly leave with a new sense of clarity.
Spiritual: Most clients report a grounding effect from the stones. Using the Earth itself as a massage tool leaves folks feeling spiritually connected, supported and in flow with the Divine Creator.
There you have it… if you are seeking a powerful way to take care of yourself, hot stone massage could be for you.
Remember… You Deserve To Feel GOOD!
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