Monday Motivation: Never Quit!

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Monday Motivation: Never Quit!

Amazing! Simply Amazing! Britain’s Jo Pavey becomes the oldest female European champion, winning gold in the 10,000m in Zurich…
You have to see it to believe it… just when you’re ready to quit the dream… watch this video and go kick some more a**!

Jo Pavey, 40-Year-Old Mom Of 2, Becomes Oldest Woman To Win Gold At European Championships

Jo Pavey is 40 years old. She’s been running professionally for almost half her life, but she’s never won an international gold medal. That is, until now.
On Tuesday, Pavey, who’s from the U.K., won the 10,000m race at the European Athletics Championships, becoming the oldest woman ever to clinch a gold medal at the competition. But not only did Pavey win, the tenacious mom of two did it with a thrilling performance. As she started her final lap, she whizzed past France’s Clemence Calvin, who the BBC notes is 16 years Pavey’s junior.
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