I’m Adding Pregnancy Massage to My Services

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I’m Adding Pregnancy Massage to My Services

Howdy All and Happy 2015… I am so excited to share that in the New Year I have a New Massage Service – Pregnancy Massage! I am thrilled to have recently completed an 18 hour Continuing Education Course in Prenatal (Pregnancy) Massage. From aromatherapy, side-lying positions, and best practices for massaging pregnant clients to risks and contraindications, I am excited about these recent studies and am ready to begin supporting my West Houston Massage clients with this new massage approach.
As a mom I am passionate about supporting, nurturing, and comforting moms to be. I love working with women in all aspects of their well being – physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. I am really excited about being able to provide additional support to pregnancy massage clients.

Prenatal Massage Benefits Include:

  • emotional & spiritual support
  • nurturing, calming touch
  • relaxation & rejuvenation
  • ache & pain relief
  • reduced swelling in hands & feet
  • headache & sinus congestion relief
  • better days & better sleep

Benefits for Baby:

Improved blood circulation, healthy tissue, flexible joints and relaxed muscles during the pregnancy can all have a beneficial impact on your developing child . With hands-on healing techniques, a deep connection with mom and baby is possible… providing both with a feeling of love and nurturing.

Is prenatal massage for you?

Women can begin massage therapy during second trimester or once they have clearance from their doctor. Mothers-to-be with certain conditions, such as high-risk pregnancy, preeclampsia, high blood pressure or diabetes may not be able to receive massage therapy. Always ask your Primary Care Physician or Ob/GYN before proceeding with any bodywork.
Ready to take advantage of the many benefits of pregnancy massage? Book your West Houston Massage appointment quickly and easily online now >>