Put Your Resolutions on a Solid Foundation

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Put Your Resolutions on a Solid Foundation

The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.

Build Your Foundation for New Year's Success

Build Your Foundation for New Year’s Success

It’s New Year’s Resolutions Season and we’re all hunting for that perfect list of to-do items. I gave up resolutions year ago, opting instead to focus on one phrase for the whole year. This year’s is still in flux – but I’ll be mantra-ing something along the lines of, “be in my body” – meaning let go of the chatter in my mind and consciously decide to tune-in to my physical container. Will certainly help with more healthy choices both in terms of moving my body more and in food choices – but I am thinking it will help as well with showing up to what’s happening in front of me rather than getting swept up the distraction of thought or negative emotions.
Whether you are choosing to work through a list this year, a mantra, or are choosing your “Word of the Year” – I’ve been thinking about what can I do to help set the stage for success this year. Did a little meditating, journaling, googling – you know the usual – and came up with this list of 10 ways you can lay the foundation for this year.

Here’s to your success this year because… you are totally worth it!

10 Way to Lay Your Foundation for Success This Year

  1. Make a List of Your Acomplishments from Last YearWhat are the top 3, 5, 10, … 20 things you think you totally rocked last year? From the big to the miniscule, make a list. Celebrating past success is like jet fuel for future success.
  2. Decide To Let Go
    What is getting in your way? Bogging your down? Sapping your Light? Find a few things you feel you could choose to let go of this year and create space for something new & good for you to take its place. Maybe it’s a friendship that’s ebbed into a one sided relationship where you’re the one always listening. Maybe it’s a not so great for you habit that it’s time to let go of. Make a mindful choice to let go – and then stick to it.
  3. Declutter Your Inbox
    Unsubscribe. Organize. Filter. Become an expert at your email automation features. Set aside 30 minutes to clear up your inbox and then set up a system that puts the important stuff at the top and keeps the clutter sorted for the rest of the year.
  4. Backup Your Files
    While your on your computer clearing out your email – you might as well take the time to backup all those files, pics, and docs you worked on this year. Again, toss what you don’t need anymore and store the important stuff in the cloud. Make room for all the great stuff you’ll be creating this year.
  5. Plan Time for You
    Take a look at what your schedule and schedule time for you. How ‘bout booking a monthly massage – for the next 6 months? Find yourself missing the sun through stained glass – explore what times are available at your favorite place of worship, many have alternative times that might work better for you. Or perhaps you could set your alarm a few minutes early and savor a cup of coffee while calling in success to your day.
  6. Schedule that Trip
    You’ve got 365 days of fresh new days… now is time to book that trip and let the year flow around it like a stone in a stream. You are worth putting yourself on your own calendar.
  7. Clean out the Pantry
    … and the fridge and the freezer while your at it. Make choosing what you what to eat easier. Want more color in your mornings? Make room for pre-prepared smoothie goodness. What time for a slow cup of tea – create a space for all that hummy in on your shelf. Now is the time to put in place what you need to support yourself and your goals this year.
  8. Post Affirmations
    Find a quote or an affirmation that will support your dreams and post it where it will make the most impact. Take the time to make it beautiful… frame it… decorate it… let your words now be the pick me up you’ll need a rough day 3 months from now.
  9. Bless Others with Your Hand-Me-Downs
    Rather than holding on to those items in your closet you may get around to wearing one day… imagine how they could make a difference in the life of someone who could use them today. By blessings others with the abundance you have at hand you let The Universe know you are conduit ready for abundance to flow through you.
  10. Now… go take nap!
    You earned it. Snuggle into your favorite spot and affirm that you are worthy of balance. You are willing to do the work to your manifest your joy AND you know how to rest and restore while The Divine works on your behalf.