Soul Seeking, Soothing, Inspiring & Connecting thru Collage: SoulCollage

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Soul Seeking, Soothing, Inspiring & Connecting thru Collage: SoulCollage

There is a beautiful, empowering, nurturing community of women here in Houston that I have had the honor and pleasure of being involved with for going on 14 years now. Brigid’s Place was there for me when my boys were little and as a new mom raised in the traditional patriarchal presentation of Christianity I was seeking a space of spiritual support that spoke to me as a woman, wife, mom, sister and friend. I have attended events here and there as the years have passed. I have had the joy of getting to know the women involved and am blessed today to be able to call many of them dear friends. At the beginning of this year I took on the role of Executive Admin, a part time position that gives me professional flexibility I want and lets me use my experience with marketing, fundraising and non-profit admin for an organization I care deeply about.
All of that to say… then they held a SoulCollage® class… and I was responsible for marketing it… and I figured I ought to do a little research and figure out was this thing was… and then I fell in love.
It was as if all the parts of my spiritual growth journey came together in one beautiful, awe-inspiring thing.
SoulCollage® is intuitive, spiritual, seeking, divinely guided, and creative. It can be a sacredly individual journey and can also be shared in a community. It has allowed me to see and explore my gifts and gold as well as my wounded-ness and shadows with a new perception, sometimes painful but always powerful.
I am just beginning to use this modality for personal exploration – growth and healing as well as discernment. In a recent post I shared about my journey towards turning 40 this year and the powerful drawing to find a sense of contentment and peace amidst a swirl of personal judgements and desires to some-how have some kind of “more meaningful life” what-ever the heck that means! SoulCollage® is proving a powerful tool in this new journey. I firmly believe that my answers lie within and when I can remember that the shiny new external thing – be it new shoes or a new house or a new career – will not bring me peace… that I will find what I seek with the small, quiet voice of the Divine Within… then my life is rich in blessings, in love, in full-color.

… because I love my life when I am connected to it, and I hate it when it and I get caught up in competition and deadlines. *

If you would like to join me on the journey and discover SoulCollage® for yourself… you can find immense support and resources online… and if you are in the Houston area and would like a class and community, join us >>

*Judith Duerk, Circle of Stones: Woman’s Journey to Herself