The Collage Chronicles: National Vision Board Day

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The Collage Chronicles: National Vision Board Day

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It’s National Vision Board Day!

National Vision Board Day is observed annually on the second Saturday in January.
Vision board parties began in 2010 between a group of friends as a way for people to get together in a fun environment to set goals, cast vision and dream out loud in a tangible way by creating vision boards they then mount on their walls. Seeing their hopes and dreams helps set in motion for these visions to become a reality. Many actors, musicians, fashion and entertainment-based people have been participating in this since it’s inception. Vision boards help people remember their goals and visions on a daily basis.

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“Whether you look at it from a spiritual or scientific aspect, this world is a huge vision board. Everything that’s here is because it started as an image someone had in their mind. You want to call it a blueprint, or a business plan? Fine. But first, they had to think about it and draft it. So a vision board? It’s like selling our own ideas to ourselves.”
~ Lucinda Cross[/info_bg]

The Chopra Center describes Vision Boards as:

Since the release of the 2006 book (and film)The Secret, vision boards have grown in popularity. A vision board is a collage of visual images or words that represent the life you want to live. Quite literally, it is a tangible representation of the vision you have for yourself. You can make one by hand—think old-school magazine cutouts on a bulletin board—or you can make one digitally, via a website like Pinterest. What matters is that you manually create it (no one else can do it for you), and that it excites you when you see it. It can represent your vision for a particular area of your life (i.e., your career), or your whole life in general.

How Does It Work?

You know how when you get a new car, you see that particular make and model everywhere you go? That’s because you have put your attention on something specific, and are unconsciously scanning the world for items that match it. It’s not that those cars were never there; it’s simply that you never noticed them before.
So it makes sense then, that if you put your attention on the images in your vision board (e.g., pictures of your dream trip to Hawaii) that the energy of that thing will more likely be in your awareness (e.g., commercials for Hawaiian Airlines might keep popping up on your TV, or your job might unexpectedly send you there for a work project).
When you continue to give your attention to the things your want, you attract those things into your life. But be careful! The Universe responds with both the positive and the negative! If you look for reasons to support why you are having a terrible day (“I stubbed my toe, then spilled my coffee, then got stuck in traffic”), you’ll keep attracting annoyances to prove you right! Bottom line: The more you surround yourself with the things you want to experience, the more you’ll actually get to experience those things in your life—as so perfectly put in the adage: Energy goes where attention flows.

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The “Make a Vision Board” site invites you to:

Give yourself the gift of a few quiet moments to be still, be open, listen, and reflect. Enjoy this collection of law of attraction quotes in pictures and words, from ancient to modern times. Perhaps you’ll discover something meaningful to you, or something you’d like to share. Be peaceful, be joyful, and be inspired!

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