The Collage Chronicles: Valentine’s Day

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The Collage Chronicles: Valentine’s Day

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I suppose that I am too crazy about you anyway. Every time I see you I get more so if it is possible. I know I haven’t any right to but there are certain things that can’t be helped and that is one of them. I wouldn’t help it if I could you know.
— Harry Truman to Bess Truman

Romantic Rule Breaker

According to National Geographic Kids, the holiday we know today got its name from a man named Valentine.

While a few different stories are told about what he did to inspire the holiday, many people believe he’s celebrated for his role as a Roman priest who helped couples secretly get married.
As the story goes, Emperor Claudius II of Rome—who reigned from the year 268 A.D. to 270 A.D.—banned marriage because he thought unmarried men made better soldiers. Valentine thought this was unfair and decided to break the rules and perform marriages anyway.
He kept the ceremonies quiet, but he was eventually caught and later killed on February 14 of the year 270 for defying the emperor. Right before he died, Valentine supposedly wrote the first-ever “valentine” to his jailer’s daughter, with whom he’d fallen in love. Later, in the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I declared the day of his death as St. Valentine’s Day.


Since the 19th century, the symbol has often been used on Valentine’s Day cards, candy boxes, and similar popular culture artifacts as a symbol of romantic love.
But did you know the use of the heart symbol as a logograph for the English verb “to love” derives from the use in “I ♥ NY,” introduced in 1977.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Hearts

♥ [Alt] + [3]
♡ [Alt] + [9825]
❤ [Alt] + [10084]
❥ [Alt] + [10085]
❣ [Alt] + [10083]
❦ [Alt] + [010 086]
❧ [Alt] + [010 087]
💗 U + 1F491
💓 U + 1F493
💔 U + 1F494
💕 U + 1F495
💖 U + 1F496
💗 U + 1F497
💘 U + 1F498
💙 U + 1F499
💚 U + 1F49a
💛 U + 1F49b
💜 U + 1F49c
💝 U + 1F49d
💞 U + 1F49e
💟 U + 1F49f
ღ [Alt] + [04326]
ও [Alt] + [02451]

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