Collage Chronicles: Earth Day

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Collage Chronicles: Earth Day

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Earth, Teach Me
Earth teach me quiet ~ as the grasses are still with new light.
Earth teach me suffering ~ as old stones suffer with memory.
Earth teach me humility ~ as blossoms are humble with beginning.
Earth teach me caring ~ as mothers nurture their young.
Earth teach me courage ~ as the tree that stands alone.
Earth teach me limitation ~ as the ant that crawls on the ground.
Earth teach me freedom ~ as the eagle that soars in the sky.
Earth teach me acceptance ~ as the leaves that die each fall.
Earth teach me renewal ~ as the seed that rises in the spring.
Earth teach me to forget myself ~ as melted snow forgets its life.
Earth teach me to remember kindness ~ as dry fields weep with rain.
~ Ute Prayer

Collage Chronicles: Honoring The Earth

Many choose to have a Mother Earth Archetype SoulCollage® Card in their Council Suit. In honor of Earth Day this Collage Chronicles includes: What is Earth Day? Why do we celebrate It? Plus simple ways we can help the bees, what to grow at home, the 50 most beautiful places on the earth, inspirations for your SoulCollage® Cards and more.
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Collage Chronicles: Curating & Collaging the Best of the Web just for You!
Free to use images, symbolism, inspiration & more for all those SoulCollage® fans out there.

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What is Earth Day and why do we celebrate it?

Various events are held annually on Earth Day across the globe to show support for protecting the environment. U.S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson, a Wisconsin native, is largely credited for organizing the first Earth Day in spring 1970, a time when it was still legal for factories to spew noxious fumes into the air or dump toxic waste into nearby streams. That’s because the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency didn’t exist then, and there were no laws to protect the environment.
Nelson recruited Harvard University professor Denis Hayes to coordinate and promote Earth Day nationally. The event was a success. Twenty million Americans took to the streets on April 22, 1970, demanding action on environmental pollution. That December, Congress authorized the establishment of a new federal agency, the EPA, to ensure environmental protection. The passage of the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and many other landmark environmental laws followed soon after, according to the EPA.
Earth Day went global 20 years later, mobilizing 200 million people in dozens of countries and putting environmental issues on the world stage. Now, more than 1 billion people in 192 countries are estimated to participate in Earth Day activities every year, according to Earth Day Network, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that organizes the event worldwide.

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Budget Friendly Ways to Go Green in Honor of Earth Day

  1. Sign up for the “no solicitation” registry. That way, you can avoid getting credit card offers and other ads which will reduce paper clutter and save trees.
  2. Shop online to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. According to a study by Carnegie Melon’s Green Institute, shopping online reduced carbon emissions by 35 percent. The abundance of online coupons sites makes this green practice a no-brainer.
  3. Get out of the gym and exercise outdoors. Freeze your gym membership and save up to 75 percent (or more) per month during the summer. You’ll also rely less on those energy-sucking cardio machines.
  4. Close blinds on hot days. Before you head out for the day, close your blinds to keep the sun from warming your home while you’re gone. Doing so will reduce your dependence on air conditioning and save energy.
  5. Send an e-gift certificate for special occasions. Not only are e-gift cards super convenient, you’re also using less plastic resources and reducing fuel associated with shipping.
  6. Eliminate paper invites and digitize your event announcement. Save on postage and printing while reducing paper by creating electronic announcements and invitations.
  7. Use an irrigation controller to manage watering. 20 to 50 percent of your water use goes toward the landscape, even more in certain areas of the country. Invest in a controller to schedule irrigation to reduce overwatering.
  8. Wash clothes with cold water. Though some clothes suggest warm or hot water for washing, you can reduce your monthly heating bills and save energy by turning all cycles to cold. Don’t worry, your clothes will still get clean.

“Put your ears to the ground, to the sky, to the sun and the moon… tune in to Mother Earth’s sweet song. She has messages to say, knowledge to relay, inspiration to convey… there is much for you to learn. Your journey has just begun.”
~ Melody Lee, Moon Gypsy

Affirmation: I am teachable. I am learning and growing everyday.

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