Autumn Windows Nine Patch Quilting Project

Autumn Windows Nine Patch Quilting Project

I made a disappearing nine patch quilt! I must say that I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed the unusual mix of fabrics and randomly putting the pieces together. Freeing to say the least. The quilt features many floral, modern, geometric, and plaid fabrics. The first quilt I made on my own, as an adult, was to do something constructive with the grief from the loss of a sweet puppy… that quilt has served its purpose, preserving the couch in the front room from napping fur covered members of our families.

Yes, yes… we were always a no pets on the furniture family until we rescued a dog that walked out of the woods who someone had shot in the face… you try telling a puppy recovering from buckshot to her face wearing the cone of shame to get off the couch!

Years and many a days of napping dogs and cats has led to the need to replace said quilt… I decided to try my hand at a disappearing nine patch.

My front room couch is olive green, so I needed to incorporate that color but I was inspired by a quilt I saw that was a mix of plaids and grays and vintage floral fabric. The quilt was for me, so I allowed myself the full range of experimenting with color, traditional and modern patterns, along with plaids – I really wanted to push the envelope with the fabric combinations to see how much I could get away with and still have something that felt cohesive at the end.

I had to work hard to not be picky about which fabric or cut nine patch I pulled next.

I really deliberated between quilting it in a variegated black and white thread I picked up a the International Quilt Festival – but in the end went with traditional cream quilting because with the fabrics the quilt just had so much going on!

I backed in with a real flannel fabric to hopefully give it a little more staying power.

All the napping fur babies have given it their seal of approval.

Really, really happy with the way this one turned out!!

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