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Like buried treasure or an old diary in the attic… these posts are no longer updated or maintained, and while they may appear broken at first, there are still some gems to be found. It’s a rabbit hole, but one you might just enjoy falling down… 

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Lifted that last box this weekend? Sat just a little too long at the office? Reached a bit too high for that thing on the top shelf? Now your dealing with that painful, achy, low back. You can (I...

I hear a lot of folks talk about Lavender as their go-to essential oil in real life - but in my house, Birch probably gets more play. It's my default "anti-immflamatory" oil...

Happy Monday All!!! Let's make this week ours! Affirmation for the Week: I am BEAUTIFUL inside & out. My life is beautiful. Beauty surrounds me, fills me, flows through me into the my beautiful world. U2 -...

As a Quaker and Yogi, I know how difficult is can be to settle my mind into a clear and connected space for meditation. As a massage therapist, I have personally experienced how powerful mediation...