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Like buried treasure or an old diary in the attic… these posts are no longer updated or maintained, and while they may appear broken at first, there are still some gems to be found. It’s a rabbit hole, but one you might just enjoy falling down… 

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Resources, Services and Just Plain'ol Cool Techie Stuff I have gathered through the years to help small businesses be successful...

I think healthy food choices would be easier to make with clear data. I would love to see food labels that supported us in making informed decisions for our bodies. We can have our cake and...

Ran across this while studying body mechanics for massage therapists...

Thai Massage (also referred to as Thai Yoga or Lazy Man's Yoga) is a very spiritually oriented modality and has been in practice for more than 2,500 years. Today Thai Massage is practiced as a...

Recipe: Peachy Pick Me Up Smoothie Summary: Green Tea, Ginger, Peach Smoothie for when you need a little zing of energy Ingredients 1 cups frozen or fresh peaches ½ cup Greek yogurt 1 cup brewed green tea pinky sized piece of...