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Like buried treasure or an old diary in the attic… these posts are no longer updated or maintained, and while they may appear broken at first, there are still some gems to be found. It’s a rabbit hole, but one you might just enjoy falling down… 

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I love Oats! I think they are one of God's greatest gift to man, woman and child-kind alike...

Flowchart & process diagram, Network diagram, BPMN diagrams, Sitemap, Organisation chart, Wireframe, business drawing software Want to dress up presentations or blog posts or any old kind of boring data? Lovely charts is for you! Lovely Charts...

As a full-time working mom (which means I work 40-50 hours outside the home, which classifies me in my own words as a More-Than Full Time Working Wonder Woman (and to clarify,  I think most...

I am a Quaker and I love me some oatmeal! I also love to envision a world where no one goes hungry. So, I LOVE that Quaker Oats is mixing fun and giving with their...

Z-Man, "Daddy can we read my book in Mommy's room?" Daddy-Man, cutting his eyes at me across the room, "Well, let's just ask if I am allowed to go in there" (It's our room, we share it,...