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Like buried treasure or an old diary in the attic… these posts are no longer updated or maintained, and while they may appear broken at first, there are still some gems to be found. It’s a rabbit hole, but one you might just enjoy falling down… 

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This week I worked up a post on an DIY aromatherapy blend for releasing negative energy and then began thinking about what I wanted to focus on for this week's feel good finds...

This is a really powerful aromatherapy blend you can use to help release negative energy and overwhelming emotions. Affirmation: I am free to feel the full spectrum of my emotions. I release all negative energy....

Wrapping up this week with some feel good finds for you. The New Year has begun to settle in and some of those changes you claimed for yourself may be starting to wain. I have...

Small successes can lift your spirit and energize body & mind, gently motivating you to focus on bigger goals you set for yourself and the dreams you have for your life. This DIY Aromatherapy Blend...