Martha Stewart’s Little Design Tweak

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Martha Stewart’s Little Design Tweak

Its new, its simple, its soooo Martha.

We designers are looking for ways to stretch the envelope a little… you know that "Think Outside the Box" thing… unfortunately, everything on the Internet comes in little boxes. That’s the way HTML works… we have tables with cells and guess what? They all have straight edges. In the ancient past of web design – everything had a straight – then we got smart and made little curved graphics and faked round edges. And for a while you had your choice – straight edge vs curved edge… now, we are shake it up a bit. The most recent example I came across was the Martha site, and you know… she’s just sooo Martha. Her design team has taken the whole edge thing in a total different direction… I immediately went – well, of course! Say what you want about Martha – she definitely has style.