The Pathway SoulCollage® Card Reading

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The Pathway SoulCollage® Card Reading

[info_bg pre_bg_color=”red” pre_text_color=”white” width=”100%” text_align=”left” hex_bg_color=”” hex_text_color=””]”The intention of a SoulCollage® reading is to provide a way that our personal and powerful card images can actually speak aloud to us about important life questions. Images have a way of bypassing the chatter of our logical minds and nudging our deep Soul wisdom where intuitive answers can be found and spoken. Doing a reading in a supportive, small group is especially powerful because Souls love the silent embrace of witnesses.”
~ Seena B. Frost[/info_bg]
When used as tool for personal growth, SoulCollage® has 2 equal parts – Card Creation and SoulCollage® Readings. While creating cards is a fun, creative, fulfilling process, reading our SoulCollage® cards is when we begin to know our cards and ourselves better. On most mornings, I simply sit with my “deck” (my entire collection of SoulCollage® cards, take a  deep, centering breath and ask, “Who wants to come with me and be my helpers today?” I then randomly pull 2 cards. I quickly read the cards and ask what tool or gift the cards would like to offer up to me for the day. I then set the cards up on my desk so I can see them throughout the day.

For more in-depth background on readings, try, “A Method for Doing a Basic Reading: Consulting Your SoulCollage® Cards”  by Karen Mann

Sometimes, life throws a curve-ball… like COVID, #socialdistancing, and getting laid-off, and I find myself wanting a deeper, more in-depth reading of my cards. One of the readings I like to do to discern clarity and direction is the “Pathway Reading”.

The Pathway SoulCollage® Card Reading

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Setting Your Sacred Space

I invite you to set aside this time as sacred, a gift you give yourself. Take the time to find and prepare what works for you. If you have created your Transpersonal Cards add those to the your alter or the center of the space you are working in. Your journal or recording device will be very useful for readings.

Asking Your Question

What is stirring in your soul? What decision, dilemma, or conflict do you want more clarity around? What thought pattern or behavior would you like to change? In what part of you life would you like to experience more joy? This reading is about your life path in the moment.

Choosing Your SoulCollage® Cards

Stack all your cards, face down, in front of you. I generally take a moment and ask The Divine Creator to join me and be present as a source of love and protection. Take a deep breath in and out, then randomly select cards in the order in the diagram below and place them face down in front of you.

Pathway SoulCollage Reading from JJ Creates

Pathway SoulCollage® Reading from JJ Creates

Reading Your SoulCollage® Cards in the Pathway Layout

  1. Turn over the card in the first position. Spend a moment just observing the card. Notice the elements, the colors, the placement of the images. Notice anything that immediately catches your eye. Next, use the “I am the one who…” exercise to allow the card to begin to offer you guidance. The cards always speak in the first person. When you feel your connection to this card has deepened, shift to allowing the card to share its wisdom with you. Ask the following question,
    • What gift do you offer me from my past that will aid me on my path today?
  2. Allow your intuition and imagination to lead. Your subconscious will discern meaning and guidance in the imagery of your card that your rational mind simply can’t see. Trust your own inner knowing.
  3. Once, you feel this card is complete. Take a deep, cleansing breath and repeat the process in the order below:
  1. What gift do you offer me from my past that will aid me on my path today?
  2. What gift do you offer me from my present that will aid me on my path today?
  3. What gift do you offer me from my future that will aid me on my path today?
  4. What gift do you offer me from me from the lesson I am learning on my path today?
  5. What gift do you offer me from the challenge I most recently conquered that will aid me on my path today?
  6. What gift do you offer me as my champion in the moment that will aid me on my path today?
  7. What gift do you offer me as the aspect of myself that is blocking me in the moment that will aid me on my path today?

[info_border pre_border_color=”” width=”100%” text_align=”left” hex_border_color=”#a9eefd” hex_text_color=””]Number 7 is generally the card I struggle with the most. In the Pathway reading I recently completed, I pulled “The Protector” card from the Council Suit. When I asked for the gift from this part of me that was blocking me, “The Protector” card helped me be aware that the part of myself that wants me to be safe is also the part of me that can hold me back – that can block me from action in order to keep me from risking and getting hurt.[/info_border]
Finally, look at the cards together, side by side. Is there anything you notice that you find important about the cards in relationship to each other?
Spend a few moment documenting the reading in whatever works best for you. You can record yourself as a verbal memo on your smartphone. You can journal or sketch for a bit. One of my favorite ways to bring a reading to completion is to craft an affirmation I can take with me for the rest of the day.
You will marvel at the powerful insight your intuition can offer you.