Welcome to SoulCollage®

[info_bg pre_bg_color=”red” pre_text_color=”white” width=”100%” text_align=”left” hex_bg_color=”” hex_text_color=””] The intention of SoulCollage ®:  to offer a creative practice for exploring, healing and evolving our many-faceted Souls so every Soul is able to manifest its unique SoulEssence in increasingly balanced and joy-filled forms.
~ Seena Frost, creator of SoulCollage®
Slow Walker Committee Suit SoulCollage Card from JJ Creates

What is SoulCollage®?

SoulCollage® is a gentle, accessible, creative process for exploring your life. By making beautiful collages of found images you create little windows into your soul and can come to know yourself at a deeper level – promoting personal growth and self-acceptance. Allowing your intuition and imagination to guide you, you create your own “deck” of SoulCollage® cards – each one a reflection of a different aspect of who you are… Your inner child, your warrior, your artist. All the parts of you are worthy and worth knowing better.
Committee Suit SoulCollage ® Card from JJ Creates

Is SoulCollage® for you?

Yes! SoulCollage® can be for everyone…

  • Do you want to know yourself better?
  • Are you familiar with personal growth work but would like to add a visual and creative element to your journey?
  • Ever wonder what it is within you that drives you to make certain choices?
  • Would you like a fun, nurturing community to grow within?

"Sacral Chakra" Companion SoulCollage® Card from JJ Creates

Getting started is easy.

SoulCollage® can be for anyone, at anytime.
The supplies are minimal and you probably have most of them already laying around:

  • magazine images, if you choose to keep your collage for your private collection
  • or royalty-free images if you want to share online
  • scissors (optional, you can just tear if you want!)
  • glue
  • mat board

[info_border pre_border_color=”red” width=”100%” text_align=”left” hex_border_color=”” hex_text_color=””]SoulCollage® is a registered trademarked process developed by Seena B. Frost, a psychotherapist in California, in 1998. In, SoulCollage Evolving, Seena describes SoulCollage® as, “… a tangible way to know yourself in your diversity and depth, and also to show yourself to others. Showing your deck of SoulCollage® cards to another person can be a profound experience. In like-spirited groups, you can share cards and work with them in many sacred ways. You can consult them intuitively and discover wisdom within yourself which will amaze you. Besides all this, creating them is just plain fun! You will love your deck — a multi-card Mirror of your Self and your Soul — whether it consists of three cards or a hundred.”[/info_border]
SoulCollage® Cards: Little Windows to Know Yourself at a Deeper Level

Hi, I’m JJ…

… I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m inspired to help you discover the fun and creative outlet that is SoulCollage® because I love the blend of beauty, color and self exploration it offers.
SoulCollage® is an accessible and powerful expressive art process can help you connect with yourself at deeper level.
Are you ready to allow your own inner “knowing” to help you find joy and balance? Welcome to SoulCollage®!

There are several paths to start your SoulCollage® Journey

  1. Watch Seena Frost’s SoulCollage® 101 on YouTube ►
  2. Purchase SoulCollage Evolving: An Intuitive Collage Process for Self-Discovery and Community through Amazon online now ►
  3. Sign-up for the online Intro to SoulCollage® course and begin your SoulCollage Journey today ►

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SoulCollage® 101

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Discover Your Wisdom. Change Your World.™

I believe SoulCollage® can be for everyone… and, at the same time, I understand there are those who will be more drawn to this path to self discovery than others. When I was first introduced to this collaging tool for introspection I immediately felt a sense of belonging. My personal growth work, spirituality and creativity finally had a common ground. Discovering there was an international community of like-minded SoulCollage® practitioners was the icing on the cake. Years, and an ever growing stack of SoulCollage® cards, later, I am more in awe of this creative, spiritual modality that ever. It surprises me, enlightens me, connects me. I find answers, directions, and solace when I consult the different aspects of myself I now have a window into knowing.
If you have found yourself on this page, I hope you have stumbled into the fun, fulfilling world of SoulCollage® just as I did all those years ago.
All of you is welcome here…
… come on in… wander around… get inspired… go create!
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Interested in learning more about SoulCollage?
You can find articles, how-to’s, free to use images and more in the Collage section.
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You are The Divine’s Brilliance made manifest ~ crafted in the likeness
of the Great Creator.

You are worthy of knowing ~ all of you, the best and “worst” of you, your Gold and your Shadow, every aspect is worth bringing into The Light.