The Collage Chronicles™ Summer 2020

SOULCOLLAGE facilitator jj lassberg

The Collage Chronicles™ Summer 2020



Hello My Fellow Collage Lovers!

​I am so excited to share with you the Summer 2020 edition of The Collage Chronicles™.  With each new edition I am continuing to endeavor to Curate & Collage the Best of the World Wide Web just for You! Each edition is a collection of free to use images, symbolism, inspiration & more for all you SoulCollage®, DIY Oracle Card, Collage Artists and Art Journal fans out there.
​As always, all the images are Public Domain, Royalty-Free images you can use for your collage, Oracle Card Decks and SoulCollage® endeavors. You are free to adapt and use all the images, even for commercial purposes, without attributing the original photographer or source.
You can post SoulCollage® Cards made with the images in The Collage Chronicles™ to all of your social media profiles.​[/col_2][/row]
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If you have recently gotten a copy of The Collage Chronicles™, I hope you have meandered into the fun, fulfilling world of SoulCollage® just as I did years ago.
​All the aspects of you are worthy and worth knowing better.
​All of you is welcome here… come on in… wander around… get inspired… go collage!

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Why Use Royaly-Free Images for Your SoulCollage® Cards

SoulCollage® does not advocate copying or infringing on the copyrighted work of others in any way.

SoulCollage® cards are made for personal use.

The most essential requirement for SoulCollage® cards is images. You will want an abundant assortment of diverse images including places, people, animals, objects and backgrounds. There are two different approaches to images and it’s important to understand them both ►

  1. The traditional way that Seena Frost used to create the process
  2. The “copyright free” approach that addresses the changing landscape of copyright due to the internet.

The internet has changed a LOT since Seena created SoulCollage® and it’s changed a lot of things with it… our interpretation and understanding of copyrighted imagery being one of them. The general rule of collage was that changing an image by 51% was enough to consider it to be a new and unique piece of art – thus the famous Picasso collages.
With the introduction and prevalence of Social Media, photographers and the agencies that represent them want to ensure the protection of their work. The interpretation of copyright laws now lean towards a more rigid application. The general approach is that there is no “edit enough and it’s okay”. You would need to to edit to the extent that the original image(s) are completely unrecognizable. And, at that point, what’s the purpose of using the imagery to begin with?
Officially, SoulCollage® is grateful to the artists and photographers who make this deep awakening process possible. SoulCollage® seeks to be respectful of their rights under copyright law. In addition, SoulCollage Inc. teaches:

  • SoulCollage® cards are not to be copied, sold, traded, or bartered. SoulCollage® cards are for personal use only.
  • SoulCollage® cards may only be copied by the card maker to provide a backup for their own original deck of collaged cards in case of loss. The SoulCollage® App may be used as this sole digital back up.
  • SoulCollage® cards are to be shared publicly only when sharing one’s own personal process.
  • Public posting of SoulCollage® cards made with copyrighted images may be in violation of copyright law.
  • It is advisable to collage cards from copyright-free images for posting publicly and marketing.
  • As a community we share our cards responsibly, in order, 1) to protect the rights of those who create our images, 2) to protect ourselves, and 3) to protect this work

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