Root Chakra Card Reading

SOULCOLLAGE facilitator jj lassberg

Root Chakra Card Reading

Root Chakra :: muladhara

  • Feeling low on energy?
  • Off-balance?
  • Like your floating through the day – disconnected and isolated?

When our Chakras are out of balanced, it affects us not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
The first chakra or Root Chakra, is located at the very base of our spine, near our tailbone.
The Root Chakra is associated with the light frequency for the color red.  When it is balanced we feel confident, grounded, fulfilled, secure, successful, prosperous, vital and patient. We have a sense of accomplishment and peace when we think about things like money, tribe, and shelter.
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Our Root Chakra holds the energy of:
jj creates soulcollage roots

  • Survival Skills
  • Instinct
  • Security
  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Protection
  • Grounding/Balance
  • Family & Relationships
  • Sex
  • Elimination
  • Financial Freedom


The Root Chakra asks,
“What do I need to feel safe?”

If you are feeling off kilter and are looking to find balance and peace, consulting your Oracle Cards can help. Whether you use Oracle Cards, SoulCollage ® Cards, Journey / Moon Cards or any other DIY Collage Deck, this card spread can help you connect and gain insight in order to bring your Root Chakra back to balance. 
JJ Creates SoulCollage Card Root ChakraIf you are using your SoulCollage ® Cards for this reading, as you turn each card over, first state the card’s name, “I Am One Who____________”. Allow the card to share with you any general insight, using the visual narrative and speaking in the first person from the card. Then ask the corresponding question. Finally, allow the card to answer, speaking for the card always in the first person.

Questions to ask your Oracle / SoulCollage ® Cards in the Root Chakra Card Spread:

  1. What can you share about the current state of my Root Chakra?
  2. What needs to Shift so I can move back to a firm Foundation in my life?
  3. What Limits/ Boundaries to I need to create?
  4. What Nourishment am I in need of?
  5. What is my physical body in need of?